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Welcome! XXXTREME CURVES LLC provides waist trainers made of high-quality steel-boned material.

Steel-boned waist trainers are only for looks, right? WRONG!

Our waist training corsets consist of 20 or more steel bones that will literally modify and reshape your body to the hourglass figure over time.

Our corset waist trainers are double boned. Each panel has two bones side by side. These waist trainers have a steel front closing busk and strong back lacing to tighten your corset correctly.

XXXTREME CURVES LLC waist trainers are exclusively designed to reduce your waist size.

The main purpose of wearing this garment is to compress the waist to create that hourglass shape and an even abdominal area. Regularly wearing this waist training corset will reduce your waist in due course.

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As with anything else, the more work you put into waist training the more you’ll ultimately get out of it. Dedication and determination can provide amazing results.

How do I order?

To start a fitting, please email us at [email protected].

We would also need the following measurements:

1. Underbust
2. Waist at smallest point
3. Waist at largest point
4. Hips, include rear
5. Torso length

* Please measure all the way around, and do not suck in. Additionally, please include a clear recent photo of your hips and waist.

After fitting, XXXTREME CURVES LLC will recommend a waist training corset size and style, according to your measurements.

Once your waist trainer arrives, you’ll need to start seasoning your trainer to ensure maximum comfort fit!

Seasoning your corset is the process of slowly breaking in your corset. It allows the steel bones of the fabric to slowly mold to your shape.

How do I wash my corset?

Use a non-biological powder, add warm water, then rub or scrub clean with a sponge. Do not put in the washing machine or automated dryer.

Never use bleach.

Use a towel to damp away excess water. Once you are done, allow corset to dry flat. Do not wring or twist.

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